A better person,a better world.

Today the world is facing several challenges.Challenges that threaten our very existence .Most of these are an aftermath of human actions .Whether it be a environmental disastor or nuclear disastor ,it is all our own creation.

What is the root cause for such irrational behaviour among human beings?The answer would well be one word “selfishness”.We want to usurp another’s property failing to realise that by doing so we are cutting the very branch on which we are sitting.Human actions or inactions are creating a miserable life for millions in several parts of this world.Every country wants to seclude themselves from miseries of another country.The anty refugee syndrom is only one part of this.Regional and religious fanatism is growing by day.Tolerance is taking a back seat.The need is for individual changes.When an individual changes,his family changes.When the family changes the society will change and that will change the nation.When nations change the world it self will change.A better world can be created only when each and every nation has a desire for the same.


Author: anitomblog

Advocate ,legal consultant and content writer.

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